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    HSP 50s    Extruder Pump
50L Drum Pump, heated, for Butyl. Type: Extruder Pump
Technical dates: 
Heated pump for 50 litre drums.
Barrel ø
355 mm
50L Barrel height max.
553 mm
50L Barrel height max.
657 mm
Extruder pumps
ø25, ø35, mm
Motor power
1,5 - 2,2 - 3 kW
Motor speed 
20 - 300 min-1
Material quantity dependent on product. 
Heating power
6,5 kW
Temperature regulation
20°C-199 °C
Air pressure
6 bar
Power requirement

660 mm 
610 mm 
1'450 mm 

Drum pump for 50L barrels for pumping high-viscosity materials

  • This drum pump is specially constructed to pump Butyl Hotmelt, or other highly viscous materials. The follower plate, extruder pump, hose and application head are each regulated by an individual digital temperature controller. As every material flow part is individually heated, the optimal temperature for the melting and application of each material can be chosen.
  • The extruder pump is driven by an AC-motor. The electronic drive control guarantees a continuously regulated quantity of material, free from material pulsation.
  • Due to the use of an electronic drive control, this drum pump is suitable for all fully-automatic applications.
  • The simple and efficient dynamic seal of the extruder shaft simplifies maintenance. No extra tightening is necessary as when using material packings.
  • Maintenance:  Pump, motor and follower plate can be disassembled by simply loosening seven screws. All electrical cables are fitted with connectors.

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