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Bead and Strip Coating machine
Production Capacity about 1'000'000m year

Technical Data

  • Conveyor width 2x300 mm
  • Distance between axes 1'200 mm
  • Speed: 0-24m/min electronically-controlled gear motor
  • 2 un-rolling units for bands and strips.
  • 2 application heads in the X - Z axes, controlled by drive-screw
  • 2 un-rolling units for the cover tape with cutter to split the silicon coated PU Band in two strips
  • 4 cooler units to reduce the temperature of the applicated glue from 120°C to 80°C.
  •  1 cutter unit for bands and strips and rolling device for 100 mm cardboard cores
The presence of the strips is monitored by sensors, which stop the conveyor and the glue pump when the strip is not present All electric cables are fitted with connectors. The machine is divided into various modules which can be easily dismantled

Bead Coating:
With this machine, two sealing profiles can be simultaneously fully automatically coated with hotmelt glue at a speed of 15m/min. The two 10mm wide adhesive strips are protected with a 24mm siliconised PU-bead, which is cut logitudinally by a razor-edge. The bead is driven by a electronically-controlled conveyor belt with position-controller, in which the desired length of bead is programmed. When the programmed length has been coated, the bead is cut with a specially cutter and rolled onto a core.

Using this machine you can also coat your products with glue dots, lines or areas.
  • Additional application heads with various nozzles can be fitted. 
  • Metal plates or other sheets can be coated . 
  • Hot-melt glue and other adhesives can be coated at the same time. 
  • Flexible insulation material from the roll can also be fitted to a fixed base. 
  • There are many other possibilities. 
    Contact us - we can help to improve your fabrication 

Strip coating: The strips are delivered on rolls with lengths of 150m and widths from 80 to 550 mm. Depending of the tape width, one or two adhesive strips are applied and if necessary, separated by a spacer tape. The finished, coated and rolled strips with length of 10m are rolled on a cardboard core of diam. 100mm and sealed with an adhesive tape.

UB Seal-Coating Machines AG