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TSG 600          Tank Melt Unit with 2 Gear Pumps
Tank Melt Unit for Hotmelt Blocks  

  • Every Material Flow Part is individually heated, the optimal Temperature for Melting and Application of the Material can be chosen.
  • The Gear Pumps are driven with AC-Motors. The electronic drive control guarantees a continuously regulated quantity of Material, free from Material Pulsation.
  • The solid inside Gear Pump produces a large amount of suction, and, due to low wear and tear, has a long Working Life.
  • Using different Pump-Motor Combinations, Material quantities from 20 ccm up to 800ccm / Minute can be obtained.
  • Maintenance: Pump and Motor can be disassembled by simply loosening of three Screws
  • The heating Plates for melting the Glue, the Tank, Pumps, Hoses and Application Heads are all individually regulated with digital Temperature Controllers.
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